Setting an Allowance for your Child

Giving children an allowance can be a wonderful way to teach your children about budgeting and money management. The money skills that they will learn from you early in life will impact their financial decisions in the future. With an allowance, you can teach your children how to create a budget, separate needs from wants and stick to the budget that they themselves created.

How to begin giving your children an allowance

If you currently do not provide an allowance for your child, now could be a great time to start. Many banks will help you to open a bank account in your child’s name in order to help your child learn about managing and saving money. If your bank has online banking for the account, your child can track her spending online and really see where her money is going each week.

How much money should you give for an allowance

The amount depends on your current financial situation and what amount you can comfortably add to your budget. According to Kids Health Magazine, many experts believe that children should receive $0.50 to $1 each week for every year of their age. Using the $1 each week per year of your child’s age model, if your child is 10 years old, your child should receive $10 per week as an allowance.

What activities should you require in order to receive the allowance

Many parents require children to perform certain chores in order to receive their weekly allowance, such as taking out the garbage, raking leaves or setting the dinner table. Other parents believe that chores are required in order to be part of the family and all family members should help out without pay. If you agree with the latter philosophy, your children can do other things in the community in order to earn an allowance. If the child is older, she can do things such as babysitting, raking leaves or cleaning homes.

No matter if you provide the money for the allowance in exchange for chores or your child finds odd jobs in the community, your child will gain more confidence and learn to appreciate the value of hard work and planned spending.

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10 tips for helping your child do better in school

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Are your children struggling in school? Do you wish that they could do better and improve their grades? Here are some great tips to try with your children.

1. Read to your children: For at lease 15 minutes per night, choose one of your child’s favorite books and read together. Discuss new vocabulary words and the themes of the story with your child to improve her analytical skills.

2. Set up a place for study: Have a designated place in your home that your child can use just for studying. This place should be free of distractions such as video games, television or a computer not used for homework.

3. Limit television watching: One half hour a day  is plenty of television time for the average child. More hours can be very harmful to your child’s developing brain.

4. Organize your child’s backpack: Make sure that your child’s backpack is stocked with all of the necessary school supplies including notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers and textbooks. Make sure that all of the items are easy to find and are neatly organized.

5. Pack a nutritious lunch: If your child packs her lunch, make sure that it includes a balanced meal without sugary drinks and snacks. Some suggestions include a piece of fruit, 100% fruit juice and a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat.

6. Set consistent routines: Create a routine for your child that stays the same throughout the week. Set a specific wake up and bedtime, plan a time for a family dinner and enroll your child in after-school or school activities that she is passionate about.

7. Assist your child in finding her passions: Figure out with your child what her passions are and then find a place where she can fully pursue them. If she likes horses, find a barn with affordable riding lessons. If she likes music, encourage her to join the school band or take instrument lessons.

8. Provide a nutritious breakfast: Life is busy and oftentimes it seems like it is not possible to cook a healthy breakfast. It is just so much easier to give your child a bowl of sugary cereal. For a quick meal, give your child a piece of fruit with some peanut butter, bowl of oatmeal or something else that is quick and nutritious and your child will eat.

9. Put your child to bed earlier: A well rested child does better on tests and has better concentration. A child who goes to bed late at night often has a more difficult time staying awake in school and processing information.

10. Get to know your child’s friends: Invite your child’s friends over for a play date so you can meet with whom your child is spending her time. If your child is making friends with children who you do not approve, with this new information you can talk to your child sooner rather than later about choosing the right friends who treat her with respect and kindness.

How to make a popsicle stick photo frame for Christmas

Are you looking for an easy craft to make with your children this Christmas? Check out this video on how to make these beautiful photo frames.

10 Tips to Help You Wakeup Early

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Have you ever wanted to start waking up early to do more things in your day but just can’t seem to drag yourself out of bed? This post will share 10 things that you can do this week to achieve your goal.

1. Find a reason that makes sense to you wakeup earlier: Do you want to get back to the gym? Start that novel you have always wanted to write? Plan your day better? Whatever the reason, find something that will really make you want to jump out of bed when the alarm clock goes off.

2. Place your alarm clock far away from your bed: By moving your alarm clock to a place where you cannot hit the snooze button easily, you will be forced to get out of bed to turn it off. Once you are awake and walking around the room, do not let yourself go back to bed.

3. Drink a cold glass of water: After you turn off your alarm clock, find a sink and fill up a nice glass of cold water. Oftentimes a quick sip of cold water will make your body feel more alert and ready to take on the day ahead.

4. Turn on the light: As soon as you hear the sound of your alarm clock, jump up and turn on the light. This will help your body recognize that it is time to wakeup.

5. Open a window: Once you are out of you bed, open your bedroom window to let the outside air into the room. A fresh breeze will make you feel more alive and energetic.

6. Wear your most comfortable clothes: It is very difficult to have a good night’s sleep with scatchy and tight fitting clothes on your body. Wear your favorite pajamas that are loose and very comfortable to get the best sleep for your body.

7. Stretch your arms and legs : Do a quick stretch routine after waking up to move the move the blood through your arms and legs. This movement will make your body feel energetic and less sluggish.

8. Go to bed when you are feeling tired: It is best to get into bed when you can barely keep your eyes open rather than at a set bedtime. Getting into bed when you are not tired, makes it very difficult to fall and stay asleep.

9. Make yourself energized: After you get out of bed in the morning, turn on some happy and energetic music to lift your spirits. Oftentimes dance or party music works best to speed up your hear rate.

10. Clear your mind: Before you go to bed write down all of the things that you need to remember for tomorrow and keep a journal detailing the days happenings. This will help to clear your mind and promote peaceful sleep.

Quote of the Day

Your real influence is measured by your treatment of yourself.
A. Bronson Alcott

Quote of the Day

People with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest.
George Matthew Allen

Quote of the Day

Change yourself and fortune will change with you.
Portugese Proverb

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